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Do you have a regrettable body tattoo or maybe permanent makeup that it too dark, thick or just not shaped properly for your features? Good news, we can remove it!

We use a safe and effective, saline based removal 

method that works by osmosis, pulling the unwanted pigment 

to the surface that is then expelled from the body through the scab. This method is especially successful on permanent makeup, blowouts, lettering and smaller, line art tattoos. This is also a great option to lighten a tattoo before a coverup piece. With each session, more pigment is brought to the surface and expelled, therefore lightening the tattoo. We recommend starting with a minimum of 3 sessions, typically by the third session we see significant lightning of the tattoo.

Tattoo and PMU Removal - $150 per session

Tattoo and PMU Removal - $350 per 3 sessions

We use a saline based removal method that is safe and effective.

Price can very depending on size and other factors.

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