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Our Artists

We currently have three artists on staff, Nikki, Miranda and Lexi. Nikki is our founder and permanent makeup artist. Miranda is our lash extension specialist and Lexi  is proficient in lashes and brows. All are in love with their craft and have dedicated themselves to learning all they can to best serve their clients.

Nikki Naylor

Nikki Naylor is owner and the permanent makeup artists at Beauty Lounge and Co. Nikki is originally from Brevard, Florida but has lived in Gainesville since 2008. Nikki graduated from Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center of Orlando in 2007 with a certificate in Professional Makeup Artistry. 


After graduating from Joe Blasco, Nikki attended the University of Florida. She graduated with a bachelor's degree of science in Family, Youth and Community Science in 2012. She worked as a bridal Make-Up artist while attending the University of Florida.  With her passion for the beauty industry and dedication to helping women feel beautiful, in 2015 Nikki decided to begin microblading training to further expand her skills in the beauty world.


Nikki completed a 6 month apprenticeship under an artist in Orlando. Her apprenticeship gave her the ability to work hands on with her trainer and clients to assure her understanding of the procedure was thorough. She spend hundreds of hours perfecting the craft before taking her first client.  She has since taken several continuing education trainings and attended conferences all over the country. She has completed in-depth training in the science of pigments, skin undertones, modifiers and color corrections, needle selection, winged eyeliner, lip blushing and more.


To Nikki, Beauty Lounge is everything. It stands for her remaining true to who she is, creating a life she loves, providing the highest quality services to each and every client and most importantly, helping women feel beautiful in their own skin!

Miranda Bohr

Miranda Bohr is the eyelash artist and waxing specialist here at Beauty Lounge. Miranda is a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist; she graduated from Mott  College in the study of Esthetics in 2017. She did research on lashes for over a year,  has taken private training classes, and extensive online courses. Originally from the Thumb of Michigan, Miranda is new to the Gainesville area and is planning to set her future roots here. 


Miranda had a dream of being a mortuary makeup artist which lead her into studying esthetics. Learning the way skin and hair reacts to different formulas, she realizes it's more than just the outer look of makeup. It was there she found waxing. Having over 400 hours of waxing background, Miranda guarantees a comfortable and welcoming waxing experience. Clients deserve comfort and ease, no matter it be a chin wax or Brazilian. Miranda prefers the use of hard wax, which is gentle on the skin. As well as having a calm and mellow personality; both equal a great waxing experience every time. 


During her schooling, Miranda became interested in eyelash extensions. Fascinated by them, she began her research and a new passion was found. Miranda has had private lash lessons, taken several online courses, and had done months of practice before taking on her first client. It takes a lot of patience and meticulous work to do lashes. The outcome is worth every second. To Miranda it's not just the way the extensions look, it's the way women look at themselves when their lashes are done. Seeing the happiness, beauty, and confidence radiate is the best moment. 

Miranda plans to continue her education and further her passion of helping people bring out their beauty and confidence.

Lexi Maulden

Lexi Maulden. Lexi is from Lake Placid, FL and has recently settled here in Gainesville. She specializes in lashes, brows and waxing, and is very detail oriented, focusing on every aspect of her work. She prioritizes making her clients feel beautiful inside and out. Lexi obtained her cosmetology license in 2020, but has been involved in the beauty industry for several years as a freelance makeup artist. When she is not at the studio, she enjoys creating art, doing makeup, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog.

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