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DIY Microblading: Not a Good Idea

Have you ever considered microblading at home? Did you want to save the money and time and start shaping your eyebrows yourself? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please stick around and read why you should never attempt DIY microblading.

Microblading is a tattooing technique that involves implanting a pigment to the skin in a hair-stroke pattern. We all know how at home tattoos turn out so, why try it on your face? DIY microblading can result in several negative outcomes including infection, scarring and botched eyebrows.

Because microblading creates tiny cuts on the skin, there is a risk of bacteria entering these incisions and growing under the skin. This is why you must see a professional for this procedure; the tools used at home do not meet the sterility that you will find in a licensed facility. Along with this, a DIY incision may result in permanent scarring. Microblading professionals understand how much pressure needs to be applied to create good results while also controlling skin damage.

Most importantly, you do not want your final microblading result to look bad. It is nearly impossible to create the fine strokes that mimic eyebrow hair on yourself. Not only do these strokes need to look like real hair, but it is also important that they are even and proportional. Having a professional use high-quality numbing creams will likely make for a more pleasant experience.

Overall, professionals do it better. Microblading is a serious procedure and should be done by a skilled and trained expert. If you are interested in microblading, call or visit us at the Beauty Lounge. We would love to talk to you about the process and maybe even be the ones to give you the perfected eyebrows that you are looking for.


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