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At Beauty Lounge & Co. we pride ourselves for using the best products on the market for all of our services. One of these products in particular is the microblades we use.

Microblading is a form of tattooing where pigment is placed under the skin with a handheld tool rather than a high-powered machine. Microblading lasts differently on a client-to-client basis, but the retention-rate is typically 1-3 years.

One person who has changed the microblading game with her practice and blades is Tina Davies.

Pictured is artist Tina Davies.

Tina's love for permanent makeup came early on in life when she got permanent eyeliner at just 18 years old. The fascination with the industry was instant, and she shared with her parents her wish of learning cosmetic tattooing. But like most parents, her's insisted Tina get a "real job".

She finished college and went to work on Wall Street where she quit after 4 short years. Tina went on to receive permanent makeup training and today has performed over 14,000 procedures.

After years working in the permanent makeup world, Tina decided she needed to give back to the industry that had been so good to her and her family. This is when Tina created her own blades, and they are the BEST in the business.

Tina's blades are what we use here at BLC. Nikki has tried several other brand blades but says none compare to Tina's. "The main difference between Tina's blades and others is the preparation and packaging," Nikki said."All Tina's blades come pre-assembled, and sterile each with a unique lot number and sterilization date". Most blades are made where after an artist is done with each client they will have to replace the blade, but Tina's entire tool is disposable.

Of the 3 blades Tina offers, the 18 U and 9 Classic are Nikki's favorites. She uses a different one on a client-to-client basis. Nikki uses the 18 U for a more curved, natural look; She uses the 9 Classic for smaller, more detailed lines.

Overall, Nikki trusts Tina's blades the best for her clients because they're made to the highest quality standards. "Tina's blades are more gentle on clients' skin than other blades, require less pressure and heal with clean crisp lines." Nikki said. "I also love supporting another artist who is passionate about the industry and is a positive and supportive role model"

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