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Thankful For FALL Fashion

Although Thanksgiving has passed and we should be moving into heavy winter fashion, this is Florida, and fall fashion lasts until the New Year. With the weather typically not dropping lower than the high-60s, these outfits are perfect for all Florida fall occasions.

Over the knee, suede boots are everywhere this fall! From Stewart Weitzman to Target, you can find this trend in every price range, color and style. In our post we paired them with a faux leather dress and a multicolor faux fur vest. This outfit is perfect for a holiday party or dinner. The boots can be found with or without a heel. The heel adds a dressier touch to any outfit, but you could pair either style with jeans or a dress and be on trend this fall. These boots are from Steve Madden.

Bell sleeves have made a comeback! Lace and velvet bell sleeves are a staple for your fall wardrobe! They can be paired with jeans, shorts, leggings or skirts as we did. They are flattering on everyone and are the star of any outfit. This bell sleeve bodysuit is from Forever 21.

Skirts – button up short skirts are just as big a trend as the over the knee boots this year. They come in every color and material imaginable. Girls are pairing them with all styles of tops. Here we paired one with a lace, bell sleeve bodysuit but throwing on a cropped sweater with a skirt is just as girly and flattering. This button up skirt is from Blue Spero.

Of course the typical fall colors of maroon, brown, army green and tan are on trend this season as they always will be; but baby pink is huge this year! Baby pink is seen used as a neutral color more and more these days. Throw it onto any outfit of any color combination and it looks great! Here we paired two different style jackets, leather and a combat jacket – both baby pink, and it completes the look with a girly edge. Both jackets can be found at Forever 21.

Dress and cardigan were found at Blue Spero. Boots are Steve Madden.

Our last two outfits show fall trends that we’re convinced will never be out of style. Fur vests once again, fringe booties, denim and flannels. All of these pieces are essential for a complete fall fashion wardrobe. See how we paired them together! They are all pieces that can be rearranged in various outfits and still look just as cute. Layer the fringe cardigan on top of the flannel and switch the vest to the dress – no matter how you arrange these pieces you cant go wrong.

This flannel can be found at express. The fur vest is from Blue Spero. Jeans are from Lucky Brand. Boots are Michael Kors.

All of these items can be found inexpensively. Of course, if you do choose to splurge on something like a fur vest or maybe a pair of those Stewart Weitzman over the knee boots, always remember you’re going to have these pieces in your closet forever. They’re timeless.

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