Lash Lift- The new game changer

Many of us can relate to the struggle of coating on layers of mascara or holding a curler to our lashes for many of seconds everyday, all to achieve a lifted and full eye look. An even bigger pain than that, is knowing that you have tons of lashes already, but they appear nonexistent because they stick straight out. The days of spending $40 on "volume" mascara that does not work is over! Lash lifting has changed this struggle into an eyelash game changer and Beauty Lounge is the only place in currently Gainesville offering lash-lifting treatments. The Process Lash lifting takes approximately 45 minutes. First, the technician will match your lashes to the appropriate sized silicone rod. After

High Quality Beauty

At Beauty Lounge & Co. we pride ourselves for using the best products on the market for all of our services. One of these products in particular is the microblades we use. Microblading is a form of tattooing where pigment is placed under the skin with a handheld tool rather than a high-powered machine. Microblading lasts differently on a client-to-client basis, but the retention-rate is typically 1-3 years. One person who has changed the microblading game with her practice and blades is Tina Davies. Tina's love for permanent makeup came early on in life when she got permanent eyeliner at just 18 years old. The fascination with the industry was instant, and she shared with her parents her wis

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